Development Time Line

Discover how game evolved over the times, by looking into the past of development.

2018 05 04

A bit forgotten timeline section, but never the less, not forgotten about IterOrbis. 

Time brought revampp of UI system, using HTML5 technology instead Unity3D GUI system, which is a pain in backside. Also, wanted to be as much independent from UI libraries as could, since Unity comes through major changes and simply is too big risk, that something will stop working due to incompatibility etc. Or could stuck with older version of Unity. While using HTML5, need to be only concern about an interface to the game from the HTML5 based system.

And also orbit selector has been in development. It allows to select altitude, latitude and longitude, from the center of the planet. HTML5 based as well.

Along to the above, custom scripted radial shader has been developed, to generate and render radial grid. Previously using new Unity 2018 beta Shader Graph, brought bad GPU performance with radial custom shader system. So had to scrap that.

So as the result, having lots of bits, but more bits is yet to come. Many systems and subsystems were significantly revamped and redeveloped, to improve clarity, consistency and bring better optimization. Some stuff were scrapped, as rendered obsolete. However, considering that as important experience.

This approach has opened the route, to use blockly as lua visual programming interface, which is mainly based on JavaScript. How cool is that. More integration is required in terms of lua visual programming, but base works well. Now just need custom lua methods, which some currently work in a game. However, this means, old visual programming system has been scrapped.

Pie menu is using wheelnavjs JavaScript libraries. These are cool too. Check out their website.

On the side, as project is aiming for data driven design, SQLITE is used, to store lua scripts, constructs and many parameters.

2017 06 26

Number of changes, from some graphical adjustments, to mechanics, lua, control, automation and redesign on certain features, to be more flexible.

Now is possible to write through lua, simple controller, which aligns with the planets axis. Can be set to orient any direction. Alignment is happening automatically, using thrustsers, via physics and own written controller. No PID, or LERP methods involved. Aiming to add few more features, before first showcase development short video.

Now relevant components of planet and constructs can be highlighted.

Further optimisation and code organisation took place. Also involved some renaming of classes and over 500 variables, for simplification.

Currently developing on Unity 3D 2017 beta

2017 06 16

Number of changes, including some mechanics changes, due to raised potential future performance issues. Also, studied possibility of implementation of Bullet Physics 

2017 06

Trajectories prediction incorporated Now planets and vehicles can generate own future trajectory.
Pure math (which is my weakest skill :p)
F = G * m1 * m2 / r^2

And early construct, flying around celestial bodies

2017 05

Visual programming takes shape. But still far from finished

2017 04

Graph of how development evolved over past year.

If you haven't seen yet, please visit for more detailed graphs

2017 04

Early 2017 Was focused around visual programming environment, which allow convert visual design into lua program, without requirement of knowledge of programming. Much need to be done, int terms of this environment improvements. But aiming to be as bugs free, and full prove, as possible. Indeed not easy task, as emerged. Also, it takes much longer to develop it, than anticipated.

2017 01 26

After longer study of possible names and investigating right choice, as of, which name reflects best the title and the idea of the game, as well as what is used on internet, not wanting to anything common, or colliding with existing game titles, as well, as easy to pronounce, IterOrbis name has been selected, where iter refer (Latin) to the orbits (Latin) of celestial bodies and satellites and obris as the celestial body, like a world. Additionally, to indicate and underline the title purpose and feeling about the game, Space (English) Dominium (Latin) has been added, as space dominator, which is mix of English and Latin languages. A the result, the full title become:

IterOrbis: Space Dominium

  • iter (Latin) - path, road
  • orbis (Latin) - world, globe
  • space (English) - well, you know ...
  • dominum (Latin) - master, domination

Interesting fact: These two words Iter Orbis also are parts of the derived word Orbiter, which can refer as travelling on the orbit around the world.
However Orbiter name was under the consideration, it was feeling that is too common and too generic, to be use. Also, it dissolves the mystery behind the meaning of the name of itself. 

Other / previous studied names were:

  • enHexer 
  • Space Hexer 
  • CosmicHexer 
  • orbium coelestium 
  • Orbium Celestium 
  • HexOrbium 
  • HexCelestium 
  • CelestHex 
  • Coel Orbium 
  • iter 
  • IterMundi 
  • IterObis: Space Battle
  • IterObis: Space Domminium

Hex word can be often visible in titles. Te reason for, was emphasis on the hexagonal shape of tiles on the planets.

2016 12

One of earliest sceenshots, of early development, weather had free time. This was already within around 6 months of very first development, prototyping and measuring possibilities,

2016 10

First name selection for the game as EnHexer. But the title wasn't fully satisfactory at the time, even took while, to choose it. 
Decided to let it be for time being, until figuring out of new name.

Te reason for hex word in the title, was an emphasis on the hexagonal shape of planet.

2016 06

Estimated project initiation in Unity3D. Selecting C# language for this project, while considering other possibilities too. Should I find early screenshot, I will add to this repository.

2016 01

Possible date, of first trials on the web base game, for 2D game, using Node.js technology. It meant to be based on hex capturing. From there, idea has just grown, into full 3D game. Equivalent has been tested in 3D space, but on flat ground. Further, is moving idea in to the space.

< 2015

Hard to say, when the idea about the game has become more live, so it can come to life. For sure for long time. But was wonder, if I got all what it takes, for taking such development step.

Jumping back then for myself would be very difficult. However, taking modding approach of few other games, using Unity3D engine, helped a lot. From there basics understanding and and further study on c# programming language, could take place.

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2018 spring timeline update, as forgot about it totally :)

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2017 06 26. Number of changes has been introduced. From graphics, to control and automation via lua, and some other functionalities, as well, as another quite significant optimisation and reorganisation.

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Updated Development Time Line

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Brief timeline section has been added, to show with pictures, how game evolved over the time.