Last Update: 2019-02-17 02:37:29

During this project putting high emphasis on optmisation from the beginning. And it will need some justification and explanations why doing so early ...

Last Update: 2018-08-25 01:00:00

Evolving Unity - Joachim Ante - GDC

Along with Unity 2018, new programming methodology has been introduced. This is ECS (Entity Component System). This brings potential massive performance improvements. However, this also requires, to change way of thinking, when programming.

Last Update: 2018-03-10 13:04:17

From many of available revenue schemes for a game, as the reward of developing, few is considered here.

Last Update: 2018-03-01 00:12:04

PipsTycoon security

It has been a while since last update, so let give some news on development.

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