Revenue Schemes: But Which To Choose

There can be infinite discussion, of how much the games should charge players to play. Or whether they should? But rather discussing about other games, here would like to presents on some proposal payment schemes for IterOrbis. But of course, why would ask for money in first place? Well, making game is not 5 min job. It may take from few days to years. This project takes already over year on and off. So rewarding this development, would be much appreciated. Would be nice, making game which will be main source of the income, rather than just pure free time development, as part of the hobby.

But how much? Or should at all? Not hiding atm. that one of other form of reward will be implemented. So lets see the options.

Development reward options

First most obvious option is flat charging, which could be anything from 15$ to 30$ one of payment. However, at current state, since only single developer is considered, such charge may face critique, that too little of the game is made, to be worth that much. Not discussing here on that matter, whether is right, or wrong, as is even too early to think about it.

Considering market penetration, other scheme could be simply F2P (Free To Play. This would allow to get to much wider markets world wide. But this will not happen in its pure form, as just simple give away. But not saying, that some option of free to play will not be available (read further).

Another method is micro translations, which can include P2W (Pay To Win), game play cosmetic enhancements, or some of form of progression speed up. P2W scheme is other way of revenue often available in game industry. Definitely this is out of discussion, as personally hate such games schemes. So NO such option will be implemented EVER in base game version. Earning based on cosmetic enhancements may be considered, but due to the nature of the game and modability philosophy, such approach would be rather impractical. Potentially progression speedup transmigration will be available, but no firm standing was placed upon this decision.

Subscriptions can be another method. But not too fancy about that scheme. Unless considering making server based authoritative multiplayer, to compensate servers running costs. But if other solution will be found, would be best to avoid this method.

DLCs. Oh no, not another one, with DLCs, which brings no much to game play and cost ridiculous. Fully agree, so no micro DLCs will be part of IterOrbis philosophy. Patches of course, should expect does and hopefully many of. But no extra charge for patches.

However, reserving space for one Patch / DLC and further decision, bringing potentially significantly big change. Which is multiplayer. Whether this will be part of any part of payed scheme, is yet to be decided. If IterOrbis popularity will be satisfactory and existing revenue methods will prove sustainable, multiplayer will be simply part of the patch, which hoping for.

Advertising. This is highly considering option atm. As mentioned F2P will not happen in its pure form, but instead, some adverts may appear in game. Either at startup / menu, or alternatively during game play (none too disruptive way). Lets say every 10 min, while pausing the game. Here could be considered mix of F2P with micro transaction scheme, where players could purchase periodical ads removal. However, hating ads been flooding, it is carefully thought that ads are not abusive and will not flood in any disruptive, or dangers way. So the balance need to be yet careful thought.

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During this project putting high emphasis on optmisation from the beginning. And it will need some justification and explanations why doing so early ...

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Evolving Unity - Joachim Ante - GDC

Along with Unity 2018, new programming methodology has been introduced. This is ECS (Entity Component System). This brings potential massive performance improvements. However, this also requires, to change way of thinking, when programming.

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From many of available revenue schemes for a game, as the reward of developing, few is considered here.

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It has been a while since last update, so let give some news on development.

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