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Game Concept

  Be creative, Be strategists, Be manger and dominate the space.

Game Play

The main game play is about dominating space, by conquering planets located in its own solar system. This can be achieved, by capturing on each planet, their hex shaped tails. These Hex Tail are shaped in spherical form, creating relevant planets.

Each tail provides resources, required for building structures and vehicles, which allow to progress, with dominating the space.

Then player can learn about and control such constructs, in numerous of ways.

Domination may require of setting up production plants, producing land and flying units, as well, as launching satellites and space crafts, to support resources supply chains, to defend strategic points, or to attack enemy.

All to keep in mind, most unique feature in the game is, that on only action happens on planet or in space, but because planets are indeed round, it means, both players and crafts, need to learn, how to stay on, or above surface, as well, how to maintain space orbit. The gravity plays very significant role in whole Game Play.

On fun part, game is focused, to be formed into sandbox, where player will have significant influence, how the game will get shaped. This is, by allowing each player, creating own blueprints designs from available components and share blueprint with others.

On top of that player has chance, to program systems' behavior of many components, (with constrains of the games' core), and then implement them into own designs. As the core of in game embedded programming, lua language is used. See Visual Programming.

Game Title

As for the game, it is of course important, to have catchy title. This not necessary may be the easy task, especially for the person which is terrible, with inventing original words. Or in other words, of making them up. Just like myself. But never the less, tried hard through investigation of numerous options. Started from titles that are very common, or not necessary reflect the game too well. Then looked at the web, what exists, or if title appears anywhere on the web. At the end of the day, you don't want to get to wrong web page, by thinking is the right one. Then looked again, on cerative side, of inventing new name. Not too trivial, but not too complex (I hope) and yet catchy (I hope x2). Also, nice if game title tells the story about the game itself.

Hence, came time, to assemble main features of the Game Play.

  • Something in space
  • Creation
  • Fights, conquering and domination
  • Planets
  • Universe, galaxy, or rather solar system
  • Challenge
  • Orbiting
  • Traveling
  • And many more ...

But above are the main one I was focusing, in terms of the title. Different alternations and combinations of words were tested. Some better other worse. Of course, looked at the existing titles specially of games and even companies names. And was trying to see, which are more successful, than other. Naming game Zombie Killer may be not the best option this days, as there is so many game out there, with similar titles. But need to make it outstanding, not get mistaken and yet simple to spell and pronounce (I hope x3).

Then realizing, many good titles, using not necessary English words. Not even modern words. But often ancient, historical and mythological. Hence title was aiming that way. Turned into Latin language. Seams to be familiar in many languages, at least by sounds of many words. Here came thought

  • iter (Latin) - path, road
  • orbis (Latin) - world, globe
  • space (English) - well, you know ...
  • dominum (Latin) - master, domination

As the result IterOrbis : Space Dominum Which can translate as Orbiter, or the spacecraft traveling on the orbit of the globe; and fight for space domination



Learn, design, build, program, configure and challenge your opponents, with your unique and superior creations.

Acquire, or develop your own technology and build infrastructure, or ultimate spaceship, to dominate the space. Or download others designs and test them against given challenge, like task, or enemy.


Allowing to mode the game by players, as much as possible and as much, as resealable.

Visual Programming

Visual Programming plays great part of modding. However, main difference is, that it can be programmed while game is running. As a core language, it uses lua embedded language. In strict saying, it utilises <a href="" target="_blank" >Moonsharp lua libraries</a>, dedicated and optimized to work with c#.

As a player, you have option to either write script by hand, or if you less familiar with programming, you can use ready written programs and functions. Then these can be implemented into the game designs, like structures and vehicles.

The programming environment is settled on the hex grid. Hexagon it is a nice geometrical figure that can nicely fit their own neighbors around, matching edges. Hens such choice.

Functions can be both placed, developed in to more complex programs, then saved as a project file, or compiled into new function. Only compiled functions can be used in new programs. Compilation process converts visual programming blocks and its structure, into shorthanded equivalent in lua language. Decompiling is not supported, hence, holding project file is advisory, or software can be modified by manually writing the code.

Components selection is accessible from circular menu, or also called pie menu. it opens list of available functions, which later can be saved and assembled into your greater program.

Both functions and programs can be shared with other players. In fact, compiled programs already implements into the blueprint of designed constructs, like structures and vehicles, are saved with it automatically. So no need to worry, of downloading separately relevant program.


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